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all your files. working together. that one file. travel plans. projects. now.

Introducing a new way to share files with groups on Windows.

Learn how to share files with Pitch

Start by creating a Space

use a different Space each of your events, projects, meetings, anything.

Create a Space

for each of your events

Share the name with your friends. It's all they need to join the Space. For additional security, you can set a password.

Add Files

to share with everyone in the Space

Add files with a single tap. Files added by anyone in the Space are synced with all the Space members.


Share the Space

members in a Space can share files together

Join a Space

Friends can join your Space
(or you can join theirs)

Share your Space's name with your friends. It's all they need to join (unless you set a password).

That's it!

Add files and collaborate

Spaces are always kept in sync. If anyone adds a file in the Space, it's instantly shared with everyone else.

Meet the Message Board

Forget long email chains

stay updated with everyone in the Space

Together at last

With sharing services today, you end up with long email chains of links and comments — completely separate from the actual files. Pitch brings the conversation to the files, all in once place.

You no longer need to hunt down that email to figure out which files you need to download. It’s all there, together, with Pitch.

More features


It's in the details.

Team Player

Pitch accepts most file types and opens them with Windows' native application.


Once you add a file, it's quickly synced with everyone else in the Space.

In Sync

Spaces live in the cloud, allowing you to access your files from multiple Windows 8 devices.

Up to Date

Pitch will keep you updated with notifications even if you don't have Pitch open.

Quick Access

Pitch remembers your recently accessed Spaces so you can quickly switch between them.

Save Locally

Pitch allows you to download files shared in a Space and access them when you're offline.

Just a tad more


We have ditched new accounts without dropping security. Create a Space and share the name with just the people you want. Not enough? Add a password and only those with the password can get access. Pitch uses the industry standards for security so you can share your Space without worry.

Password or not, files in Spaces are always secure in the server.

Coming soon to the Windows Store